Long before Father’s Day, before social media, before the advent of the Internet, NBA players have been adorable with their kids.

Before the millenium, when folks were still living in the 20th century, paparazzi didn’t follow athletes around when they were with their families.

The only time you would catch a glimpse of a pro with their kid would be if you were sitting close to the family at a game or in a professionally posed photo in a magazine.

MJ With Former Wife Juanita, Marcus, Jeffrey, And Jasmine

We’re now 17 years into the millennium and 21st century. Things have changed. Athletes from every sport have to worry about crazed (oftentimes well-meaning) fans snapping their pic or taking a video for one of the many social media sites out there.

Some of them are more open with their kids than others. How these guys handle their family business when it comes to the public is a personal decision and should be respected.

Magic Johnson, Wife Cookie, Andre, E.J., And Elisa

For instance, do you remember the first time you really knew who Riley Curry is? Beyond “Steph Curry’s daughter” and really knew who she was?

Unless you’re a Warriors fan living in the Bay Area, it was probably during Golden State’s 2015 Championship run.

She stole the show away from her league MVP dad and we couldn’t get enough of the adorableness between them.

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