This week NBA teams are starting to work out their top draft prospects. However, for the Sixers, who hold the third overall draft spot in the June 22nd Draft, they seem to be working out anybody that will take the trip to Philly.

Three of the biggest names in this year’s class – Markelle Fultz (Washington), Lonzo Ball (UCLA), and Malik Monk (Kentucky) all met with the teams that the consensus believes will ultimately step on stage at the Barclays Center and put on their hat.

First up, the obvious: Markelle Fultz, Boston Celtics.

Unless the C’s trade their pick, which as of right now the rumors have gone cold about actually happening, the will draft Fultz. Bringing him in for a workout was basically just a formality, but it seemed to go exceedingly well.

The No. 1 prospect in the 2017 class said that being in Beantown just felt right.

“It almost feels like I belong here,” Fultz told ESPN during a tour of the arena.

After watching film with head coach Brad Stevens, Fultz showed a lot of humility, something that Husky fans have come to know very well.

Fultz embraced Coach Steven’s criticism – although it sounds like it was more of a teaching experience than anything.

“It’s good to hear [criticism]. That’s what I’ve always wanted to hear, ever since I was younger,” Fultz said. “I don’t really like to hear the good stuff; I try to hear what can make me better because that’s something I can work on.”

Fultz told ESPN that the overall message was finding ways to improve at an NBA level.

“[Stevens noted] little stuff about playing defense, better ways to help me,” Fultz said. “[He highlighted] offensive stuff he liked that I did, the way I come off screen and rolls and different stuff like that. Also, stuff I can improve on on both ends, stuff I did good on the defensive end, too. It was both good and bad.”

He also said the Celtics never told him directly he would be drafted by the storied franchise, and Fultz is more than okay with that.

“I don’t want to know. I’d rather wait to that day to hear my name called, wherever I go,” Fultz said. “That’s just the way I am. I don’t want anything to be given to me, I want to earn everything. So just wait until that last moment, just sitting in that chair, being anxious to see if I’m going to be No. 1 or wherever I go. I think that’s going to be better than already knowing going in. … I’d rather wait to that big day.”

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