This is the time of year when rumors run rampant in the NBA. The Draft is less than two weeks away and teams are trying to jockey themselves in position for any trades the top spots may be willing to make.

They also want to keep their cards pretty close to their chest; professional sports is a competitive business and any edge – even something as miniscule as leaking info about choosing one forward over another – is significant.

So when we told you last week that there was rumbling that the Lakers may actually pass on Lonzo Ball, we suggested you take it with a grain of salt.

Now? Well, we’ll let you decide for yourself…

So June 7th came and went. Lonzo tried out for the Lakers. Did he blow them away? It doesn’t sound like they were very impressed.

The Lakers themselves sent out a simple tweet. Just one. No hoopla. No digital team chronicling the workout (that was sans dad, LaVar, we’d like to add).

Compared to the way the Celtics handled Markelle Fultz’s workout, which they touted with a ton of fanfare on social media, it seems a little strange that there wasn’t more sent out by the Lake Show.

They could just be playing their hand close to the chest or maybe, the rumors have some merit.

Flip over to Page 2 for the reports about Josh Jackson that may give credence to the “Lakers pass on Lonzo” narrative…

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