If you’ve ever wondered what NBA team employees do while the front office is out signing players and scouting their rookies during the summer, you now have your answer.

On Thursday, an all-out cereal pun war broke out on NBA Twitter, which was sort of hilarious until it took over #SportsTwitter and then just became a question of, “Do the digital departments of these organizations not have anything better to do?”

The answer is no.

With pre-season underway, NFL Twitter has taken over social media and time lines have been filled to capacity with training camp notes, photos, and videos, so maybe the hoops teams felt like they were cast aside and wanted to have some fun, too.

It’s August and they really don’t have anything else going on, so a casually innocent tweet by the Cavaliers started a fast and furious Photoshop clinic on how to use your creative team’s talents to the best of their ability.

The Cavs Started It All With…

If you didn’t know, that’s Kay Felder, a forward entering his second season in Cleveland.

Fifteen minutes later, the Hawks answered.

The Hornets and Wizards must have been working on theirs at the same time as the Hawks, but Atlanta got theirs out faster.

Washington could have done better.

But wait, there’s more!

Teams get even sillier and more amusing on Page 2…

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