As we’ve pointed out several times over the last couple weeks here on SportsHeist, it’s the NBA offseason and since all of the new Nike jerseys and the season schedule has been revealed, there isn’t a whole lot going on for teams right now.

Especially the digital teams that control the social media accounts. Remember the great NBA Twitter cereal war of 2017?

Moreover, if you have TV/streaming service, Internet, or a cell phone, actually, if you are just alive, you know that on Monday, the United States experienced a solar eclipse.

Hopefully, you didn’t stare at it for more than a couple seconds or get ripped off on a pair of fake eclipse glasses.

All those NBA teams with time on their hands decided to have some fun at the expense of a member of their fraternity – the Phoenix Suns.

The jokes basically wrote themselves.

Because it’s a copycat league, everyone else had to join in with the jokes.

Flip over to Page 2 to see how the Suns became the focus of eclipse clowning…

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