When it comes to social media, Twitter may be the least understood and most confusing for those who don’t use it. It can also be the most annoying – do people really need to live tweet Game of Thrones?! Spoilers, people!.

Along with #TeamSpoilers, there’s also the ranters who have way more to say than the 140 characters allow but are too lazy or in the moment to start a Tumblr so they inundate your TL with tweet after tweet about who-knows-what (unless it’s Kanye. Kanye is encouraged to do this).

Then there’s #SportsTwitter.

It almost feels like Twitter was invented for the sole purpose of sports. Need a score? Twitter. Did someone get hurt? Twitter. Need to catch a replay? Twitter.

One of the best things about #SportsTwitter is the Twitter users/fans. Yes, sometimes they can be really harsh but it’s all in the name of passion.

That’s one of the milder reactions to LeBron James leading the Cavs from a 26-point halftime deficit to a monster second half performance that became tied for the largest halftime comeback in playoff history.

King James scored 18 of his points in the third quarter alone, finishing Game 3 with 41 points, 13 rebounds, and 12 assists and a 3-0 series lead over the Pacers.

#NBATwitter – a subcategory of the aforementioned #SportsTwitter – lost its collective mind over the last 24 minutes of the game.

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