Whew. What a crazy few days, right?

There was a lot going on between the reports of the Kyrie Irving to Boston for Isaiah Thomas’ trade is at a stalemate after the Cavaliers weren’t happy with the results of Thomas’ mandatory medical evaluation revealed his hip injury could delay his starting status with opening night coming up in less than two months.

So that blockbuster NBA news has now turned into a will they/won’t they rescind the deal altogether.

The NFL’s season starts on Sept. 7 and they’ve got tons of controversy on and off the field. It feels like half the teams don’t even know who their starting quarterback will be in a week, players are getting hurt left and right, and droves of players are taking a knee during the anthem now which is really causing outrage among Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who let’s face it, has bigger fish to fry right now…

College football just kicked off which basically means we all just count down the weeks until Alabama meets [insert one of 24 other teams] in the brand-spanking-new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta in January.

Oh, and there was that fight that happened in Las Vegas last Saturday night…

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