Not only did they show the awaiting ambulance, but the camera was keen to capture Watt hobbling on crutches, too.

You wouldn’t think there would be a need for NBC to show this development but their sports execs felt differently.

Watt is very, very popular and is also one of the best players in the league, but the incessant cut-aways to various stages of his transportation to the hospital was just plan bizarre.

Twitter went from thinking the whole broadcast was odd to pretty much sending as much fire NBC’s way as possible in a sarcastically subtle way.

Truth be told, we get it: he’s a great player and even better guy. But do people really want to watch wall-to-wall coverage of the aftermath of Watt’s injury?

This guy is probably joking but we have to say “probably” because you never really know these days. There really could be someone hoping one of the NBCUniversal cable channels did cover Watt’s treatment non-stop.

If you watched the game, what were your thoughts on the Watt’s injury coverage?

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