We get it, football isn’t the biggest sport in the United States. We’re talking about soccer; American football definitely rules the school in the U.S.

But for the rest of the world, football/futbol/soccer is the absolute end-all say-all in sports.

Even if you don’t follow the sport unless your own kid is playing, you had to have heard of the ongoing saga surrounding Brazilian superstar Neymar, right?

It made headlines across the globe – yes, even in the States – because of the enormity of the situation.

Here’s the rundown, if for some reason you haven’t had a TV or Internet connection the last week:

For the better part of the last four years, Neymar has played for one of soccer’s juggernauts, Barcelona.

He’s also good. Really good.

But after scoring 105 goals in 186 games, Neymar decided he wanted to move on to a different challenge. So the politics and bureaucracy began.

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