It’s the summertime which means that the NBA Summer League is underway, NFL training camps are about to start, and NHL players are doing weird things with the Stanley Cup.

The main event, sporting-wise, during those three months is baseball.

Baseball has a tendency to be a little slow, so MLB is trying to come up with ways to make the game more exciting and both major and minor league teams also try their hand at marketing to lure more butts to put in the buckets.

There’s bobblehead giveaways, summer concerts after the game, celebrity appearances, more corny giveaways, and special themed nights.

Let’s be honest, for the most part, these gimmicks are pretty bad. These organizations are trying though, so they should get some props for that at least.

Okay, full disclosure: sometimes the clubs don’t appear to be trying very hard.

This is definitely not the case for the Oakland A’s, who have taken the “Bark at the Park” trend and made it awesome!

The tweet above was from last year’s event. Oakland pitcher Chris Bassit and his doggo participated in some dog surfing at the 2016 Bark at the Park event that raised money for Dogs4Diabetics and the Animal Rescue Foundation.

It was such a hit, the A’s brought it back and there was even more surfing pups!

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