Odell Beckham, Jr. has it made.

He’s one of the best football players in the world, he’s about to make more money than he could possibly know what to do with, he’s a single guy who hangs out with some of the most beautiful women on the planet, and is loved by millions.

Millions who are not in Texas, that is. Except for one special little boy.

Because ODB plays for the Giants, he isn’t very liked by New York’s biggest rival, Dallas Cowboys fans.

It’s just the way it works; Giants fans aren’t big on Cowboys players either.

But earlier this month, some Cowboys fans noticed Beckham in traffic and decided to make it know they rolled with America’s Team.

But not every fan living in Texas is a Cowboys fan (the Houston Texas are a pretty popular team, too) and not every Texan hates ODB.

In fact, one special fan in particular who lives in Texas really likes Beckham.

TODAY: After an Amarillo radio personality posted a photo of himself and Jayro, pleading Odell Beckam Jr. to help fulfill Jayro's dream to meet him, OBJ responded.

Nai-post ni ABC 7 Amarillo noong Martes, Hulyo 18, 2017

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