It’s been nearly two years since Floyd Mayweather, Jr. retired and yet he has stayed relevant.

A part of it is that he is an open book and posts things on social media. Another part is because other people keep bringing his name up and keep him in the spotlight, although it’s much dimmer than it once was.

Take the world’s fascination with a Mayweather – Conor McGregor fight as an example.

It Would Likely Be The Biggest Draw Ever

McGregor is arguably the biggest name in MMA (especially since Ronda Rousey retired this past winter) and by far the UFC’s biggest draw.

It seems like a dream bout that everyone is hoping becomes a reality soon.

The proof is in the Vegas sportsbooks, which were released earlier this money after taking in over $10,000.

The Stars Come Out For Mayweather

When hopes of the possible fight intensified in February, Westgate SuperBook made Mayweather a giant -2,500 favorite with McGregor paying back +1,100.

According to ESPN, 40 of the first 42 bets placed at the SuperBook were on McGregor, with the largest being a $1,500 wager at +800. Mayweather is now listed at -900, with McGregor +700.

Would Mayweather Come Out Of Retirement To Fight Anyone?

But that’s not what has Mayweather’s name back in the news.

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