What do you consider a brutal sport?

MMA? Football? Hockey? Boxing? Here in North America, we consider those four to be amongst the most physically demanding where an athlete’s body is basically used as a weapon against other athletes.

However, across the pond, in addition to mixed martial arts and boxing, rugby and Australian rules football are the kings of brutality in popular sports.

The Running of the Bulls in Spain is obviously one of the most dangerous, brutal, and sometimes fatal events in the world, and sure, running for your life through the streets of Pamplona would be considered a sport, but we’re going with organized sports here.

Look, we know there’s a level of a danger involved in every sport; accidents and mishaps happen even in the most mundane of recreational activities.

But the Calcio Storico tournament in Italy is entirely its own category of OMG WHAT IS GOING ON?

It’s basically a sport where MMA meets football meets rugby and the rules aren’t even clear to the participants and they don’t even get paid.

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