It’s likely too little too late for Pacers fans, but Paul George is finally opening up about his departure from the team he spent the first seven years of his career with.

Wednesday night, George came face-to-face with his old squad, but maybe luckily for the forward, it wasn’t in front of his old fans.

The Thunder hosted the Pacers and cruised to a 114-96 victory, but George had little to do with it.

In fact, George spent the majority of the game saddled with foul trouble and scored just 10 points in 19 minutes before fouling out with 6:15 left to go in the fourth.

“That hasn’t happened often in my career,” George said of winning the game despite his individual struggles. “Fortunate to have those guys carry me. They knew how big this game was for me, and they went out and got it for me.”

By “those guys” he’s referring to Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony, who put together a 56-point effort while the reigning MVP notched his second triple-double of the season.

“It was just Russ and Melo did an unbelievable job of really shouldering everything,” George said. “They carried the team, they carried me. It’s great to have two guys that comparable that when nights aren’t going for me, they’re there for me.”

But the bigger story actually came before the game when George finally opened up about his former team and the role he played in his exit from Indianapolis.

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