If you are a hoops fan, you probably already know that if Paul George gets an extension from the Pacers, the amount will depend on whether or not George is named to an All-NBA Team. And we’re talking a massive amount – upwards of $75 million to be exact.

Because of the Designated Player Exception, a player finishing his rookie contract can make the additional 5-percent if he’s twice been voted an All-Star starter, twice been voted All-NBA or won an MVP award.

But none of that may actually matter.

It’s being widely reported that Pacers star Paul George has told teammates that he wants out of Indy and to head home to Los Angeles. If you look at the above tweet, this has been talked about for at least a couple of months, while a few media outlets are reporting it’s been years.

George is allegedly frustrated with the direction of the franchise and wants to go back West and play for the Lakers. It’s thought that Larry Bird and the Pacers front office are well aware of the rumblings and it seems that Magic Johnson is too.


Could We See Another Showdown Between Larry And Magic?

In fact, Johnson hasn’t been shy about talking about where he wants to see the Lakers headed in their current rebuilding process and that includes bringing in a superstar.

The Lakers have always had a superstar,” Johnson told AM 570 LA Sports with Roggin and Rodney. “That is what we are going to try to bring in here.”

Is PG That Superstar?

George is under contract through next season and holds a player option of $20.7 million for the 2018-19 campaign. The new deal the Pacers would offer if George gets an All-NBA Team nod – if they make one at all would be for roughly $209 million.

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