After three years, 13-time NBA Champion Phil Jackson is no longer running the show in New York.

Late Tuesday night, The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news that James Dolan, Executive Chairman of Madison Square Garden Company and MSG Networks, who owns the Knicks, was seriously considering Jackson’s future as President of the team.

Wojnarowski wrote on The Vertical:

“Dolan had been harboring uncertainties about how much longer to commit to Jackson, 71, as the organization’s top basketball decision-maker, league sources told The Vertical.

“Dolan has become increasingly concerned about Jackson’s fitness for the job and the long-term prospects of success for the franchise, especially in the aftermath of Jackson entertaining trades for Kristaps Porzingis.”

Now, as great as Jackson was as a player (two titles in ) and arguably the greatest coach the NBA has ever seen (11 titles), his work in the Knicks’ front office was confusing at times and at others, downright cringeworthy.

Not only was there the handling of the Porzingis situation – which had been brewing for a few months – but there was a long line of questionable decisions Jackson made in New York.

Ironically, drafting Porzingis was the best move Jackson made in his three years as Knicks President.

For Jackson, the list is pretty substantial, and it started very soon after his return to Madison Square Garden, where he won two of his championships (1970, 1973) as a player.

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