It seems Colin Kaepernick sparked something in Americans last year when he began taking a knee during the anthem.

Although Kaepernick (previously the 49ers preseason quarterback) is no longer in the NFL, many feel he was blacklisted due to his anthem protest. However, after President Trumps recent tweets, almost 1,700 rallying in support of the cause started by Kaepernick.

Trump’s tweets against the Warriors’ Steph Curry and many NFL players, clearly struck a chord because the world of sports in America is saying, “enough is enough.”

President Trump caught wind that Curry told reporters on Friday that he didn’t want to go to the White House as every championship team has done in the past.

This clearly angered the president, which prompted his above tweet.

Unfortunately for Trump, it backfired.

LeBron quickly fired back a tweet in response. It has since become King James’ most RT’d post in the megastar’s social media history.

The Warriors also responded in support of Curry and added a little bit of passive-aggressiveness toward Trump at the same time:

But Trump wasn’t done attacking pro athletes.

Flip to page 2 to see his attack on the NFL and the NFL’s response!

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