Forbes recently released its “World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams” ranking of the top 50 (actually, thanks to a tie, it’s 51 this year) organizations across the globe.

Some of these may be a little surprising when you look at the teams’ successes versus their failures, but when it comes to generating money, better isn’t always bigger.

This year, the cut off to qualify is up 18-percent from 2016 at to $1.75 billion. Sports is such a big business with profits so outrageous that 36 franchises are worth at least $1 billion and they didn’t crack the top 50.

Let that sink in.

Most of the profit comes from massive TV contracts and labor deals (CBA’s) that almost always ensure the owners will be pocketing a ton of cash, unless they spend their profits on payroll.

As is the same in year’s past, NFL rules the profitability school with only three teams (Bengals, Bills, and Lions) not making the cut.

No. 1? Probably not as surprising as you think, but there are definitely some teams in here that will have you asking, “Really?”

Tie-50. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

League: MLB
Worth: $1.75 billion

Tie-50. New Orleans Saints

League: NFL
Worth: $1.75 billion

Tie-47. St Louis Cardinals

League: MLB
Worth: $1.8 billion

Tie-47. Brooklyn Nets

League: NBA
Worth: $1.8 billion

Tie-47. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

League: NFL
Worth: $1.8 billion

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