It’s almost time for the season to start which means it will be time to say goodbye to the crazy offseason and hello to the NBA’s (literally) revamped 2017-18 campaign.

Goodbye top player rankings! See ya next year NBA Twitter battles, feuds, and clapbacks! ¡Hasta la vista #ChinaKlay and Hoodie Melo. Although, let’s be honest – we’ll miss those two.

But aside from those trivial things, the offseason’s wildest antics came with the trade frenzy and the free agency period that followed.

Last summer, our thoughts were filled with the questions of how any of us could possibly survive a Kobe Bryant- and Tim Duncan-less NBA? This summer, we spent months trying to keep track of all the moves teams were making and how much they would have left for next summer when we’ll all be on “LeBron Watch” and “Which L.A. team will Paul George land on?” duty.

So with just about a month to go, let’s take a look back at the 10 best moves of the NBA’s crazy 2017 offseason.

10. Sixers Trade For No. 1 Pick In The Draft

Due to former general manager Sam Hinkie’s “Truth the Process” mantra, the Sixers landed in a good spot once again after the NBS Draft Lottery, but made it even sweeter after trading Boston for the No. 1 overall pick, which Philadelphia used on Washington’s Markelle Fultz. Now, the 76ers have a starting roster that has the potential to wreak a ton of damage in the East.


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