The 2017 NBA Draft is right around the corner.

The rumors and reports are circulating the internet like crazy, smokescreens are going up daily, mock drafts can be found everywhere, and aside from Markelle Fultz to the Celtics, every person you come in contact with has a different opinion on who will go No. 2.

Boston Should Easily Select Fultz With The No. 1 Pick

Prospects 1-5 this year are insanely talented. With Fultz likely heading to Boston, that leaves Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, Malik Monk, and De’Aaron Fox battling it out for a roster spot on either the Lakers, Sixers, Suns, and Kings.

Fox And Monk Were Teammates At Kentucky

How great will these players be as individuals and how will their presence affect the team?

Only time will tell.

Maybe in 15 years someone will be writing about how the 2017 NBA Draft class was one of the best the league has ever seen.

Exactly how we at SportsHeist feel about these Draft classes…

Honorable Mention – 1987

Before we start, the 1997 Draft class gets an honorable mention with Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady, first-ballot HOFer Tim Duncan, and possible Hall of Fame inductee Chauncey Billups.

However, aside from those three, they had only one player turn out to be a star, Stephen Jackson. Furthermore, out of the entire class, only Derek Anderson and Keith Van Horn were legitimate role players in the NBA who made an impact.

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