Here at SportsHeist, we’ve already given you our rankings of the greatest point guards of all time and the best power forwards in history, which were both obvious right from the jump.

In case you’d like a refresher, the greatest point guard in NBA history played on the Lakers and was a five-time champion.

No, not Kobe Bryant. Black Mamba was a shooting guard so that only leaves one other possibility: Magic Johnson.

But how obvious would the best power forward of all-time be? Any which way you look at it, it’s pretty clear: Tim Duncan.

Obviously, aside from Johnson and Duncan, the remainder of the lists are up for discussion – at least in their ranking order.

So now we’re bringing you the greatest small forwards of all time.

You may agree or disagree with at least our order, but again, we think No. 1 is pretty clear. In either event, make sure you share this post on Facebook and your socials and see what kind of conversation you can spark.

10. Dominique Wilkins

Atlanta Hawks (1982-1994) Los Angeles Clippers (1994), Boston Celtics (1994-1995), San Antonio Spurs (1996-1997), Orlando Magic (1998-1999)

Nine-time All-Star, seven-time All-NBA selection, NBA scoring champion (1985-86), Hall of Fame


Career stats
24.8 PPG, 6.7 RPG, 2.5 APG .461 FG%

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