If we’ve learned anything this summer, it’s that Twitter is basically the reason why we can’t have nice things.

To be fair, some users are just asking for it with the idiotic things they tweet at athletes and teams.

Other times, the athletes and teams are the ones that find themselves as the butt of Twitter jokes after some questionable tweets.

Enter: The Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks have a new alternate logo and instead of just tweeting it, it feels like the social media team just tried to slip it by their two-plus million followers.

It was almost as if their digital team knew what the results were going to be.

The team itself mostly got responses like this one:

But then there were some Twitter users who really went all-in on how bad they thought the new alternative logo looks.

Sidenote: The Seahawks’ official account was quick to point out that this is a secondary logo and that the 12th Man can still buy the original logo on merchandise.

Flip to Page 2 to see some of the backlash the ‘Hawks got for this new logo…

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