By now, LaVar Ball is the most polarizing figure in basketball and he’s never stepped foot on an NBA court.

His laundry list of bizarre and crazy claims runs deep, but we’re just going to focus on two: shoes and Michael Jordan.

No, we haven’t taken a time machine back to May, Ball’s claim he could beat the GOAT one on one (in his “prime”) is relevant to the latest LaVar headlines. So is Big Baller Brand’s $495 shoes.

First, the claim is important, albeit insane, because it started a trend of LaVar claiming he could be other Hall of Famers.

Second, when it was revealed BBB was selling son Lonzo’s signature ZO2’s for $495, many people brought up the fact that Jordan’s don’t even sell for that high.

Ball’s response?

Michael Jordan can’t sell $495 shoes because “He’s not Lonzo Ball.”

Okay then…

Four-time NBA champion, Hall of Famer player, and one of the greatest big men basketball has ever seen – Shaquille O’Neal – took exception to BBB selling the sneakers for nearly $500.

Thus, the beef between Shaq and LaVar was born.

(If you’re wondering where MJ is in all of this, he hasn’t gotten involved. Best guess? He’s pretty busy being Michael Jordan to worry about LaVar Ball.)

So, Ball came back at Shaq and then it seemed to have gone away. Until…

Head to Page 2 to see LaVar’s newest insane claim along with Shaq’s diss track!

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