“She gets it from her mama” is a popular term used for young ladies who are smart, beautiful,  talented, funny, any positive description, really, and it usually originates from a Facebook, Instagram or tweet from the girl’s mother.

For 11-year-old Gianna Bryant, it looks like she gets it from her daddy.

Gianna Isn’t So Little Anymore…

Her dad, of course, being the great Kobe Bryant.

Black Mamba is one of the greatest basketball players that ever lived. That fact cannot be disputed, even though there are Kobe-haters that will try.

Kobe Won Five Championships With The Lakers

An argument about his greatness inspired one of the most epic Twitter beefs ever back on Christmas day in 2014.

One user and known Kobe-hater @SnottieDrippen got into an argument with a huge Kobe fan, @MyTweetsRealAF (no longer active), over the future Hall of Famer.

The dispute prompted one of the funniest, yet passionate, arguments social media had ever seen, and the infamous #MeetMeInTemecula was born.

Like every great player that was the superstar on a dynasty team, people will have their personal opinions about said player.

But again, the fact remains that Bryant is one of the greatest ever. Period. His skillset, his drive, his competitiveness, and that jumper will always stand out when you hear the name “Kobe Bryant.”

It appears that Gianna is following in his footsteps.

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