Ah, the barbershop.

The place where men have gathered for decades to catch up on the latest sports news, gossip, talk about the ladies, and yes – get a fresh cut.


You won’t be in and out and a barbershop. Getting your head shaved is going to take at least four times longer than if your boy just did it at the house.

But that’s the point. That’s part of the reason why men go: the characters and camaraderie.


The characters don’t change too much from shop to shop and state to state across the country.

There’s the newbie, the entrepreneur who’s always peddling something new every month, the sports broadcaster who knows every stat in the history of every sport, the wannabe rapper who know every MC in history and will drop bars for no reason in the middle of your cut, the female barber who always has a long wait because she’s arguably the best one there, the patriarch of the shop who’s an old-timer who likes to school the youngbloods on how things worked back in his day, and finally the Mayor of the Barbershop who could moonlight as a politician because he knows everything going on in your town, state, and country.


If you think about it, your shop has its own version of these people.

The characters are so rich that an entire movie franchise, Barbershop, was brought to life by Ice Cube & co. capitalizing on its daily events.

Barbershops aren’t just for everyday folks. Even the best athletes on the planet frequent them.

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