She may be pint-sized, but Simone Biles is FIERCE!

If you didn’t know that by her eleventy-billion Olympic gold medals (Okay, fine, it was only four and a bronze) in Rio de Janeiro last summer, you know it from her Dancing With the Stars clapback which is easily the greatest sports quote of 2017.


Biles won her Olympic medals (plus 16 more in other international competitions) because of her icy cold poise and flawless execution. This is seriously one focused young lady!

Her strong, yet graceful movements made her a DWTS favorite from the moment she was announced as a participant in the season 24 cast.


Her laser-focus has been evident in every episode and for the most part, she is one of the highest scorers on the show and definitely a fan favorite. America will never forget the Final Five!


But as sweet, smart, talented, beautiful, hardworking, and any other superlative you can think of that she is, don’t ever mess with Simone Biles

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