You’ve heard stories of how Philadelphia’s Eagles and Phillies fans are brutally hardcore for decades – yes, decades.

There was the time that Frank Olivo became a Philly legend when he played Santa Claus at an Eagles game in 1968 and as he walked across the field, he was pelted with snowballs and boos from the fans.

Philly Fans Are Tired Of The Bad Rep But…

Then there was the time in 1999 when now-head coach Doug Pederson had a stint as the Eagles’ QB and had batteries thrown at him at Vet Stadium.

“Those big ones,” Pederson said last year when he took over as the HC. “Those ‘D’ ones. I was spit at. Beer (thrown at him). But hey, listen, whatever.”


Long Before He Was Their Coach, He Was Their QB

Earlier that year, Eagles fans in attendance at Radio City Music Hall also booed when Donovan McNabb was selected overall but something else happened in 1999 that really hit the frinal nail in the coffin as far as the rest of the world would view Philadelphia fans.

The infamous moment in Eagles history happened on October 10th when rival Dallas was in town. Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin caught a pass from Troy Aikman and sort of just fell in a heap on the turf. Irvin had sustained a spinal cord injury that would ultimately end his career.

As Irvin was carted off the field, the crowd cheered.

This Would Be The Final Catch Of The HOFer’s Career

Suffice it to say, there are more stories, and just as played out as the ones listed above.

Even Phillies fans get the title of “worst/meanest fans” for some of the antics that have gone on at the ballpark.

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