One of the best things about sports are you, the fans.

You bleed the colors of your favorite team, even when the season is over long before you hoped it would be. You think all off-season about how much better your team will be next year (because it’s always next year, right?). You spend your hard-earned money on shirts, hats, jackets, jerseys, signed autographs, anything with the team logo on it.

And yes, some people even get tattoos of their favorite player, franchise, or both.

Fundamentally Sound Tat, Bro

But how would you feel after years of dreaming about getting your favorite team’s logo tattooed in the perfect spot on your body, you pick out the perfect tattoo shop, walk in the door, and are told that your perfect plan has hit an imperfection? what would

Not that there’s anything wrong with the design you chose or where you want it inked as a forever tribute, but that having the tattoo itself could lead some people – including the authorities – to associate you with a gang?

That’s what Spurs fans in the San Antonio are have been finding out recently.

Looks Innocent Enough, Right?

According to law enforcement officials in San Antonio, the Spurs logo has become a popular tattoo with members of Tango Orejon, the SA chapter of the notorious Texas prison gang, Tango Blast.

The Spurs symbol is usually featured next to a Playboy Bunny as a sign of the gang affiliation.

These Photos Show The Logo Being Used By Gang Members

Locally, the news has been circulating around town about Tango Orejon using the Spurs’ logo, prompting a decrease in requests for that particular artwork or it being inked in more inconspicuous locations on the customer’s body.

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