We’ve talked about “The Great Kobe” debate here at SportsHeist before.

It’s the one where one-half of the basketball world believes Kobe Bryant is one of the best players to ever pick up a basketball and the other half feels he’s overrated.


We’re not going to take sides, but we’ve already made our opinions known, so we’ll just leave it at that.

One person is such a dedicated member of #TeamKobe he spent an outrageous amount on a pair of the great’s shoes.

These Need A Retro Kobe Pack Comeback!

This would be the second time this summer a fan has spent a small fortune on a NBA legend’s shoes.

The first came in June when someone paid nearly $200,000 for a pair of game-worn Michael Jordan converse sneakers that were autographed.

That amount also set a world record and no, the price paid for Kobe’s Jordan 3’s didn’t break it.

However, like MJ’s Converse, Kobe’s J’s have a pretty rare backstory.

If something about “Kobe Bryant game-worn Jordan 3’s” sounds off to you, head over to Page 2 to see what is going on…

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