Aside from the fact these shoes were worn by Black Mamba, there’s another reason why they were sold for such a high purchase amount: They are extremely rare.

These Jordan 3’s were specifically made for Bryant in 2002 while he was between sneaker deals.

The KOBE TWOs Are Allegedly Why He Walked Away From Adidas

Bryant had decided not to re-sign with Adidas but hadn’t yet signed with Nike, so he was essentially a sneaker free agent.

The “Home White” Jordan 3’s were gifted to him and he wore them at the STAPLES Center in games against the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs during the 2002-03.

Bryant went on to sign with Nike and has made a ridiculous amount of money from his line of shoes as well as for the sneaker brand.

Are they worth $30,400 though? One anonymous purchaser believes so.

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