We’re not saying Durant isn’t second on that list now, although we did say it in the beginning of June.

That title really adds to KD’s already impressive resume and has probably propelled Durant into the No. 3 slot at minimum.

Could he eventually be considered the second-best SF of all time when things are said and done? Absolutely, but a lot of things would have to fall into place to have him overtake LeBron as No. 1.

These Two Are Actually Friends

Right now James is deep in controversy that he didn’t create or ask for. He simply posted a video of himself working out at the gym, which has been twisted into a meme by Steph Curry and current teammate Kyrie Irving.

Speaking of Irving, there’s that whole “I want out of Cleveland” factor, but James didn’t directly have anything to do with that; in all actuality, James could not have been more dismissive of claims that he was angry about Irving’s trade request.

But here we are, two months before the season tips off, and we’re busy talking about whose feelings are hurt by LBJ being as great as he is and Instagram videos, instead of paying attention to these kinds of videos:

Watch The King Still Be The King After 14 Seasons:

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