There was a time when Kim Clijsters was one of the most popular and best tennis players on the Women’s tour. It was just announced that the former World No. 1 will be inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame along with American Andy Roddick, who himself was a popular Grand Slam winner around the same time as Clijsters.

She’s still one of the most popular tennis players and she’s still pretty good, too.

Last Saturday at Wimbledon, Clijsters was playing in a friendly Ladies’ Invitation Doubles Match with partner Rennae Stubbs against Conchita Martinez and Andrea Jaeger when hilarity ensued on the court.

It wasn’t your typical funny moment between the former pros, however. It involved a mouthy fan.

Now, before we continue, there’s something to note if you aren’t a big tennis enthusiast: There are rules at Wimbledon. Some say a lot of rules.

Participants are required to wear all-white from their head to their feet. The sweatbands, hair accessories, shoes – all white. There aren’t any exceptions either. Say, for instance, your bag gets lost somehow from your hotel to the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Too bad. You have to borrow someone’s gear (who happens to share the same sports apparel endorsement and isn’t your opponent, preferably) or have a member of your team scramble to get you something to wear.

The second is that there is a lot of crowd control during Wimbledon.

Not in the sense that security is beefed up for the event, although it is considering it’s the most prestigious tennis tournament on the planet, that the crowd is famously shushed quite often by the chair ump.

Now that some of the background is out of the way…

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