After a few videos were posted on Twitter and Instagram, Curry was asked about it and made it pretty clear: Be respectful when you partake in the latest craze that bears his name.

“I will just say be very mindful of the repercussions of messing with people’s stuff,” Curry told ESPN. “I do not condone violence. That is the only thing. I do not condone violence.”

That one seems innocent enough; in fact, it’s pretty amusing.

But that’s not what Curry is referring to when he made his plea.

It’s not that one, either. Although, Curry prides himself on being an all-around good, responsible role model, so he probably doesn’t look too fondly upon kids throwing their books around like that.

No, it was another video, posted by Samuel Grubbs, a verified Twitter user, that prompted the superstar to urge people to be mindful of their #CurryChallenges.

“It’s very creative,” Curry said of the video. “People are obviously having fun, but please be respectful of other people’s property. I don’t want anything to happen to anyone.”

Yeah, like jumping on an unsuspecting motorist’s car and being chased away.

What do you think of the #CurryChallenge?

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