For whatever reason, Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland.

If you’ve been on social media, the Internet, listened to sports talk radio, a basketball podcast, or watched ESPN in the last week you’ve seen a bevy of different reasons why.

Some believe that’s why the Cavs signed Derrick Rose: for insurance in case Irving does leave.

Does Irving want to be the star of the show?

Has he become so distrusting of the organization, especially given his recent comments that the Cavaliers are “in a very peculiar place,” that he doesn’t want to deal with them anymore?

Is it personal with LeBron James? There’s never been any rumblings that the two have a John Wall-Brad Beal type of relationship before.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith got involved and said there was definitely something going on between the point guard and the King.

Moreover, Stephen A. said after the reports broke that Irving wants to be traded that he was told that Irving believes it was the King and his court that leaked the trade request.

James never responded to any of this until Stephen A. made James sound barbaric.

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