Sometimes it’s easy to forget that pro athletes are human.

They make huge amounts of money, have their face plastered all over billboards and sports apparel ads, are insanely good at their chosen sport, have stunning wives and even more gorgeous kids, take vacations to private islands, have big houses and drive fast cars.

But the truth is, they are human.

As awesome as it would be to be able to fly like Michael Jordan, rule the court like LeBron James, or be an overall pillar of dominance like Shaquille O’Neal, do you really want all of the negativity, media frenzy, and lack of privacy that comes with it?

It’s definitely a trade-off, and no one is saying that pro athletes should be pitied, but sometimes we need a reminder that they have the same fears as the rest of us – and to an extent even more.

Took me 5 mins to gain confidence to walk across this thing. ?

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Over the weekend, Stephen Curry reminded us he has ordinary fears just like we do, although the circumstances surrounding what happened are definitely extraordinary.

Flip over to Page 2 to see Curry lose it after three push ups!

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