What do you think of when sushi comes to mind? Perhaps a traditional Nigiri? Simple, fresh and light? Or maybe yu much prefer a more modern day spin on an old tradition with a hip rendition of a tempura style roll made with all of the fixings and then some?

This Italian chef by the name of Yujia Hu sees sushi and the realm of “rolling” possibilities much different than the average food artist. Combining his passion for a stylish pair of sneakers and his love for cuisine, Yujia is serving up a dose of what he refers to as “Shoe-shi”, Hu is making waves in the sea of sushi normalcy.

It’s Safe To Say Yujia Nailed This Adidas Joint!

Down to the detail in the netting this salmon colored and curated kick is as fresh as it gets (literally and figuratively)

This Air Jordans Look Good Enough To Eat

These Jordan 1 classics are clean on your feet and on the plate!

It’s Always About The Details!

It’s clear to see that that Hu doesn’t cut corners when it comes to crafting his unique sushi treats. Every last detail is carefully cut and arranged to form a spitting image of some of the freshest kicks one can get!

Hu SLAYED This OG Superstars!

Guess what? Hu’s talent doesn’t stop with this sushi &┬ásneaker collab. That’s right, this guy can handcraft sushi into more than just shoes and snapbacks! He’s also gone onto master miniature sculptures of big name ballers out of sticky rice and fresh fish too! Don’t believe it?

Peep Hu’s Sticky Rice Inspired Sculpture Of Chef Curry NEXT

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