Mistakes happen; no one is immune to them. It’s a part of being human.

But sometimes mistakes are made that are so mind-boggling, you can’t fathom how it could possibly get by, not one set of eyes, but two.

Sometimes, it gets by a whole bunch of eyes.


Think about all of those tattoo galleries you see with spelling errors. Someone hand wrote the phrase they wanted, then handed the paper to the artist – who obviously had to read it, then make the outline, then fill it in.

So how do words go misspelled when they are being permanently inked on someone’s body?

Except For Not Paying Attention In Third Grade

It’s not like getting “you’re/your,” “there, they’re, their” incorrect on occasion. If you have an iPhone, you already know the struggle of attempting to text someone “We’re on the way” without your auto correct trying to change it to the past tense of “was.”

But a college? You’d expect them to get their own name correctly, right?

Actually, it wasn’t Wichita State University that made this blunder; it was Wichita the city.

Does that make it any better?

Head over to Page 2 to see how WSU and the mayor had some fun with the error…

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