Sports Twitter is probably the No. 1 source for fans to get inside a team’s practice from the eyes of the journalists who cover them. Unfortunately, not every league is down for just anyone sharing pics, vids, and other very important news.

The NFL has taken a hard stance on reporters sharing what they deem as too much info, especially at very important times of a team’s season. You know, like training camp where 90 players who are battling for 53 regular roster spots and 10 practice squad openings…

If you’ve ever been to an NFL training camp, you know very well that nothing groundbreaking really happens. Occasionally, a fight breaks out. Sometimes a guy needs to relieve himself and isn’t running inside to do so, so he finds the closest treeline. Every once in a while, an undrafted rookie wide receiver who’s 11th on the depth chart makes a highlight reel catch.

For the most part, you can’t even make out who the players are aside from the quarterbacks, who wear a different jersey color to differentiate who the defensive ends are not allowed to do their actual job and sack.

One Chicago Sun-Times reporter decided that Bears fans wanted a glimpse of their second-overall pick and quarterback of the (right now?) future, Mitch Trubisky.

But since he couldn’t take photos or videos, Patrick Finley decided to get creative…literally.

Head over to Page 2 to see Patrick Finley’s “artist renderings”…

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