Somehow, the popular reality show Dancing with the Stars is on its 25th season and although it may not seem like sports news, this cast will feature the most athletes in the series’ history.

Four from the sporting world, to be exact.

If you aren’t quite sure who Victoria Arlen is, she really is a story of inspiration and perseverance. When Victoria was 11 she developed two rare conditions that left her in a vegetative state – completely aware of her surroundings but trapped inside her own body, unable to move or speak – for four years.

She began to fight back from her condition and unbelievably, two years after blinking on her own, she won a gold and three silver medals at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London in swimming.

Three years later, Victoria was hired by ESPN becoming one of the youngest on-air personalities in the company’s history. She was 25.

“Remarkable” doesn’t begin to describe Victoria.

The second athlete to star on this go ’round of Dancing with the Stars is Derek Fisher.

Fisher may have been a little…controversial the last few years after being hired by his former coach Phil Jackson, with whom he won five NBA titles playing for in L.A., to be the new head coach of the Knicks 10 days after his playing career ended.

The gig lasted less than 20 months.

He also is in a much-publicized relationship with Gloria Govan of Basketball Wives fame. She also happens to be the ex-wife of Matt Barnes, who just won a championship with the Warriors.

The rest is messy and full of drama so let’s leave it at that and move on…

The next two athletes probably have pretty good chances at going far on the show!

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