Hurricane Harvey has ravaged portions of Texas, with the downgraded tropical storm still pummeling damage on the Houston area.

The greater Houston area is paralyzed by rising floodwater and massive losses to the nation’s fourth largest city. The storm isn’t finished yet; the region is bracing to take on even more water in the next few days.

Rescue efforts are still underway as workers desperately try to save as many lives as possible in an area that is struggling to perform basic functions.

Houston’s mayor, Sylvester Turner, said the city’s police force has rescued more than 3,000 people during the storm while Houston’s fire department received over 2,300 calls for help according to the WSJ.

The death toll remains unclear as Mayor Turner cannot confirm several fatalities being reported by local and national news outlets.

The entire infrastructure of a region with a 6.4 million populous (includes the greater Houston area, the city proper’s population is 2.3 million) is at a halt.

The area’s two major airports (George Bush International and William P. Hobby), Houston’s largest public school systems, its port, all of Houston’s major employers are shut down as highways and roads are unnavigable due to the high waters.

According to WSJ nearly all substantial commerce and nonemergency government are also at a halt.

But many, many people are stepping up to help…head over to Page 2 to see their efforts.

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