The NBA is a funny league, literally.

Where else can a backup power forward who didn’t have all that much to offer as far as helping his team accomplish anything earn the nickname, “The White Mamba?”

This is also the professional sports league that doesn’t determine its draft order by an inverse record (worst goes first) like the other major sports. Instead, the NBA uses a lottery system just like Powerball or Mega Millions where a ping pong ball is pulled out of an air machine. Frankly, the NBA Draft Lottery is not only archaic, but it’s pointless; more often than not, the teams with the worst records always get the top spots anyway.

There’s also the funny business of basketball beef.

Not the kind of beef that saw melee, fines, and suspensions as a result of 2004’s “Malice at the Palace,” but the kind of beef that makes the rest of us chuckle while harmless jabs are being passed back and forth. Like anytime Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley get into a war of words on the NBA on TNT set.

From a lot of angles, the NBA is unlike other leagues in the fact that it likes it when its players are having fun (think the All-Star Weekend’s Slam Dunk Contest) but not too much fun (think Joel Embiid’s now-infamous “Blank LaVar Ball” video).

One of the ways NBA players throw shade while keeping us entertained is on social media. Some players are better than others at it – Kevin Durant is the best Twitter troll alive – but they all achieve their goal: getting under the other guy’s skin.

Here are the 10-best NBA troll jobs of the past year:

Russell Westbrook Posts Photo Of Cupcakes

HAPPY 4th YALL….??????

A post shared by Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) on

The reigning MVP is widely known for calling teammates he deems soft as “cupcakes.” Last year on July 4th, Westbrook sent out an Instagram post with a pic of patriotic cupcakes. Seems harmless enough until you realize that is the same day that longtime Oklahoma City teammate Kevin Durant announced in an essay on The Players’ Tribune that he was signing with Golden State. Everyone knows how salty Westbrook was about it and this was the first sign.

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