It’s been building over the last year and you knew it was coming. You may not have known it would be this big, however. Of course we’re talking about Cavs Vs. Dubs III, but not for reasons you may think.

This year, thanks to Nike having three of its biggest shoe sellers and Under Armour having its No. 1 athlete playing in the NBA Finals, sneakerheads are getting an incredible showcase.

Nike’s LeBron James (actually, he has two!), Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green all have special Finals editions of their signature shoes.

Under Armour countered by releasing a championship series version for Steph Curry (and they aren’t half bad).

Take a look at seven of the 2017 NBA Finals editions of your favorite baller’s signature shoe:

LeBron James – Nike Soldier 11

Let’s start with the biggest guns in Nike’s arsenal, LeBron.

Last year in the Finals, LeBron wore the Soldier 10’s instead of his signature 13’s and people lost their minds. The Solider 10’s were pretty sick, but the Solider 11’s he’s wearing this go ’round are even sicker.



The only question is the color choice. The gold makes sense because it’s part of the Cavs’ colors scheme, but the blue is a strange choice, considering that’s Golden State’s.

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