One of the greatest mysteries the NFL has ever seen has been solved. Actually, it came right from the Bronco’s…er…horse’s mouth.

Future first-ballot Hall of Famer Peyton Manning was a guest speaker at the Adobe Summit late last month and came clean about a word that he used so frequently in the latter years of his career that it became synonymous with the two-time Super Bowl winning QB: Omaha.

Manning Won Super Bowl XLI With The Colts And 50 With The Broncos

For years, people never understood why he would say it, other than to throw opposing defenses off. You would think someone somewhere would catch on because he said it a lot.

In a 2014 divisional playoff round against the Chargers, Manning yelled “Omaha” at the line of scrimmage before 44 of Denver’s 70 plays that game.

It may have thrown the 11 guys across the line off, but sometimes it threw off Manning’s own offensive players as well.

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For a span of about two years, football fans of all teams seemed just as obsessed with obsessing over Manning yelling “Omaha” as he did saying it.

He also was offered lucrative deals by companies if he would use a different word when calling out the plays and several Twitter accounts representing the Nebraska city also made mention of Manning’s word of choice.

When It’s Your Final Word At Your Retirement Presser, It’s A Big Deal

Everyone seemed to have an explanation of what “Omaha” really meant, but it seems as if none of them actually had figured it out, after all.

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