After being banned for doping from the sport that made her the highest-paid female athlete on the planet, tennis champion Maria Sharapova is back in the news again.

Just like before, she is being accused of cheating, but this time, it isn’t for anything she did on the court.

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The tennis champ is being charged for her involvement in a luxury housing scheme deemed by Delhi police as “cheating and criminal”.

If convicted the Russian tennis star could face “a seven-year prison sentence and a fine under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code.” according to Unilad.


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A police official told Times of India:

“The tennis star has now been booked for cheating and criminal conspiracy by Delhi Police, following a local court’s order. An aggrieved homebuyer had approached the court.

The developers of the project have also been booked under similar charges. However, no one has been arrested in the case yet.”


According to the news outlet, Sharapova attached her name to the luxury property development which was highly publicized and promised to be completed by 2016.

However, the project never got started.

She doesn’t seem too bothered by the allegations…

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