It’s good to be the King. It’s even good to play with the King.

The Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics in five games on Thursday, May 25th. With the NBA Finals starting on June 1st, this gives Cleveland six days to do whatever they want to do until the championship series begins.

Now, the Warriors have cruised through the playoffs with a ridiculous record of 12-0. What makes it even more unreal is if you were impressed by Cavs’ six days off, the Dubs have a whopping nine days off between series.

Crazy, right?

So what do the Cavaliers and Warriors do with all of the down time before the two NBA juggernauts collide in their third-straight Finals matchup?

Whatever they darn well please.

Golden State’s golden boy Steph Curry accompanied his wife to the Bottlerock festival over the weekend and got onstage with Ayesha while she was showing off her culinary and rapping skills.

Fun right?

That was the only hip-hop enjoyed by the two teams over the weekend…

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