In 1984, Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball” hit the airwaves and hip-hop and hoops were bound for eternity.

The music’s popularity branched out to other sports, too, and soon football teams were rapping their theme songs  – like the Chicago Bear’s “Super Bowl Shuffle” and baseball players were having hip-hop as their walk-up songs.

Rap returned the love by putting sports references in their lyrics and their team or city affiliation in videos and on stage through jerseys, hats, and jackets. Sometimes, it was just for aesthetics.

For a period of time in the late ’90s ’til the mid-’00s, it seemed like you couldn’t watch a hip-hop video without seeing the MC don a sports jersey or in some cases, several.

However, like all-things fashion-related, the jersey fad faded in rap. Every once in a while you see a jersey make its way into a video but mainly it stays in its lane, field, or stands these days.

Here are the most iconic jersey fad video moments when sports ruled the hip-hop fashion school:

“Let’s Get It” – G-Dep Feat. P. Diddy & Black Rob


Jerseys: Charles Woodson – Raiders (NFL), Tim Brown – Raiders (NFL), Tim Duncan – Spurs (NBA)


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