Tuesday night at the NBA Draft Lottery, a few things happened.

Despite owning the best record in the East when the regular season ended and are playing the Cavaliers in the conference finals, the Celtics have the top pick, in the Draft, which is about five weeks away.

If you’re wondering how, back in 2013 Boston sent Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry to Brooklyn and part of that deal was the Celtics would receive the Nets’ 2017 first round pick.

Because the Nets had the league’s worst record, the C’s had the best chance (25-percent) to get the first draft pick and the ping pong derby worked the way it was supposed to – at least in this case.

The Lakers will have the second pick, which means in all likelihood, the Ball family’s dreams will come true and Lonzo will stay in L.A. There’s even reports that the Lakers are the only team the UCLA product will work out for.

Los Angeles is still interested in acquiring Paul George, either through trade or free agency next year and if all of these things happen, the Lake Show could be returning to greatness soon.

So far, so good, right?

Apparently not for the Heat, who had the least chance of winning the Draft Lottery at 0.5-perecnt.

Being represented by Heat legend and current Vice President of Player Programs Alonzo Mourning, Miami received the 14th pick (because 0.5-percent gave them a really, really small chance to get No. 1).

Mourning was visibly not happy about it which brought back memories of the famous meme of him sitting on the bench and shaking his head.

The only downside to the new meme is that it doesn’t show Mourning suddenly finding the silver lining in whatever the situation was that had him briefly disappointed and shrug it off.

.Gif time constraints, perhaps?

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