Nike is the biggest sneaker company on the planet. And it’s no surprise because over the last 30 years they have spent an enormous amount of money on marketing and advertising campaigns.

They sign the best athletes to major contracts who either promote Nike shoes or the star’s signature shoe.


Jordans will always be the cream of the crop for Nike; even although Jordan Brand broke off in 1997, it still falls under the Nike umbrella and makes a whopping $3 billion in profit at last report.


To put it in perspective, Michael Jordan (who has been retired for 14 years, currently owns the Charlotte Hornets, is a minority owner along with Derek Jeter in the group who just won the big to purchase the Miami Marlins) is still is the highest grossing sneaker endorsee at $100 million annually.


There’s another side to Nike, too. It’s the commitment to developing young men and women’s talent and character.

Aside from the numerous young people’s charities that Nike stands behind, they also host one of the biggest basketball camps in the United States.

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