In the history of film, there may not be a specific genre more worked on than sports. From football to soccer, baseball to hockey, there isn’t a sports story that hasn’t be delved into somewhere. The sport we’re going to take a look at in this article is basketball, and there have been some great films that tackle the hardwood!

When the staff at was compiling their Top 10 list we didn’t want to separate comedies from dramas or anything like that. All style of film was treated equal, excluding documentaries. We left those off the list, hence why you won’t see Hoop Dreams, no matter how fantastic that doc was.

Each staff member polled was asked to give their Top 10 favorite basketball movie, and there were some doozies. We Acored each film by it’s position on the staff members list. Ten points for a #1 ranking, nine points for a #2, all the way to one point for #10. Some movies that scored but didn’t make the list were Teen Wolf, Sunset Park, Like Mike, and Glory road among others, but this is our list… The Top 10 Basketball Films Of All Time!

10. Semi-Pro

Will Ferrell is no stranger to tackling a sports role. His portrayal of Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights is legendary. His role as the ABA’s Flint Michigan Tropics owner/coach/player Jackie Moon isn’t as heralded as Ricky Bobby, but it was funny. Add in Woody Harrelson and Outkast’s Andre 3000 and what do you get? A Top 10 basketball movie!

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