Here at SportsHeist, we know there’s more to sports than just football, basketball, baseball and hockey.

We know the realm of athletics doesn’t end with boxing and mixed martial arts, either.

It’s just what’s popular in North America so it’s what we as a collective see the most. Even soccer, the most popular spots on the planet, barely breaks the top five in the states and that’s solely based on geography.


Ask someone in the Deep South and they may tell you NASCAR is the fifth major league sport in America. We’re not even counting college football or basketball, because they’re considered amateur sports, not professional (We’ll save the argument for how much the NCAA makes off these sports for another time).


Earlier this summer, we told you about Calcio Storio – a crazy blend of MMA and football that essentially has no rules, is as brutal as it sounds, and these guys don’t get paid to get the crap kicked out of them.

Also, if they get hurt, oh well. Either they suck it up and stay out there or their team loses a man for the remainder of the match.


We found another lesser-known sport that apparently is pretty popular on the other side of the world and yup, it’s another one that will make you ask, “Why?” before you say “Ouch!”

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